God: The Alien That Cares

Well my excited hopes didn’t materialize anything. I waited for that longed for email from the book publisher. It never came. The editor mentioned that there was a long list of things on the agenda and that he didn’t know if he could fit my book proposal in or not. I guess it was not. I am under the assumption that they won’t discuss it now until next months meeting. Oh well. Here I sit, waiting.

Meanwhile life has opened Pandora’s box on me. I am exhausted just thinking about everything that has happened this week. I guess you could say I am having a Jonah week (In the belly), or a Job week (being persecuted).

First, my husband has had a growing interest in aliens. He has a friend that goes out and makes “contact” with them. I realize there are varying views on this subject and I’m ok with yours. Here is mine. I am a believer, yet I am sure that God made other worlds perfect, like ours was supposed to be, thus these world have no need to come down and view our suffering, or touch down in anyway on this sinful planet. So for practical reasons I say there are no aliens around here. What have people seen then? Governmental coverups, creatures that we don’t know about (think large firefly) evil angels playing tricks on us? Don’t know, but I do know of two beings that inhabit this earth: one good angels, and two the bad angels.

Now I don’t think that God would be playing hide and go seek with us. He isn’t the type of person to play games with our emotions. Satan on the other hand loves this stuff. I had a girlfriend that wouldn’t allow her husband to bring a questionable movie into her house because she thought that it would open doors for Satan to be allowed to mess with them. (If you don’t think this is true then read HE CAME TO SET THE CAPTIVES FREE, watch out you’ll be freaked out.) So this worried that he would be giving permission to some unknown being to contact us. I know this fear is excessive, but what if?

So Charlie announces that he is going to go contacting these beings with his friend. I start to sweat. Do I share with him my fears? Or remain silent. I gathered my courage and spoke up.

Luckily he was in a good mood. He told me that I was allowed my own opinion, but that he was going to go despite what I say. He said that if people were looking for a new species of animal it would be scientific, this was no different.

I cried!

That was Sunday night.

Monday my favorite TV program that was taped wasn’t.

Monday night 45 dollars unexpectedly disappears off our paypal account. We spend hours trying to find it. Give up and go to bed to face work the next day.

Tuesday my Mother woke me up crying that her ex-husband, my father, told her that he needed money or he was going to jail. She gave him, even though she needed that money.

Tuesday afternoon (on phone all day with this looming problem) we determine my father is on drugs.

Tuesday night, we find paypal money, but computer is not connecting to internet.

Wednesday morning my mother calls and her mailbox has been smashed in, on two sides. Post is still standing straight. A sneaker print is still right beside it, and someone took the little red flag. Why would anyone want the flag?

Wednesday my father writes a message on the computer about how ambien can kill your spouse undetected. I freak out. My mom goes to the police. They can’t tell her if he is on drugs or not. She goes home unaware if she is going to be attacked again, or not.

Thursday my kids cried all day, and fought. They probably felt my stress.

Thursday night I bought a phone card for my cell phone and it lost the money somewhere. My husband spends a long time looking for it. Finally finds it late at night. He has to get up the next morning for work at 2 am.

It is freezing cold out there!

Let’s see anything else I can say. Oh yeah one of my friends was locked down in a college in Tennessee with a shooter for over an hour. She was scared and didn’t know if they were going to make it out alive. Luckily no one was hurt and they caught the suspect.

I know that I am focusing on the negative. I need to focus on the positive. Goodness begets goodness. I usually do. But this is ridiculous! I still don’t know what is going on with my Dad. I am stressed to the max. And I was just hoping to hear some good news, that never came.

I don’t know if this all came about from Charlie’s nighttime experience. They never did see anything. I do know that we are being attacked. Each moment I step forward and say, “God help me, I can’t take another step.” Somehow I have gotten to Friday. I have almost 350 email postings from blogs that I am trying to follow. There is no way I’ll ever catch up. This is just from being a few days away from you all, swept up in my own sorrows.

I am here now and am trying to stay strong. My world is changing even as we are reading this. My brother just got another, “I’m going to jail if you don’t get me money” phone call. My mom is calling me to give me an update, another piece to the puzzle that we are hoping to create to explain my fathers weird behaviors.

I’ll keep on. But this I know, I’m not going out there in that cold and talking to any strange beings. I am going to sit by my fire and pour my heart out to my Friend and God who cares about my situation. He is the only alien I believe in!


3 thoughts on “God: The Alien That Cares

  1. Firstly, you don’t want God to be an alien. You might have meant it innocently, but aliens are demons trying to buy human’s souls. There is spiritual warfare going on right now, so pray for the saints and stay off of twitter and Facebook. There are worse troubles than abusive husbands (the alien demons,) so if you haven’t come across them yet, consider yourself lucky. Pray for good changes in your life and give thanks for the blessings you do have. Those alien things/entities help to screw up people’s lives. Pray for your husband and dad, but don’t worry about what I just said. The church can also play a part in these spirits trying to take over mankind. Don’t allow people to talk you into things that are wrong, no matter who they are.

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