10 Ways To Be Inspiring

Loved this so much that I had to repost this. It goes well with my last post. So get inspired and start writing. Meghan

A Game of Diapers

how to be inspiringTake a moment to think about the inspirational people in your life and how have they inspired you.  This post is about acknowledging all those people who lift you up and motivate you, and realizing that you too are one of those people.

Inspiration is an amazing thing.  It creates positive feelings in people, and it fills them with the urge to do something creative and to feel good.  The word comes from Latin inspirare which means to breathe or blow into.  The word was originally used of a divine or supernatural being, to impart a truth or idea to someone.  Even today,  the word is very accurate since inspirational people do impart truth in our lives, breathing new life into a sometimes stale perspective.

The thing about inspiration is that is it requires some effort.  You have to choose to be inspired.  There are people all around us everyday who are truly inspirational…

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One thought on “10 Ways To Be Inspiring

  1. Great post! I love this! We all need that encouragement everyday in our lives! I’m so thankful to all of them who inspired me encouraged me at any moment ! Thanks for this awesome post! Blessings!

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