Emotionally Destructive Relationship

At the beginning of my recovery process someone told me that Charlie was a master of crazymaking. Since then, I’ve loved that word. He has a unique ability to make everything someone else’s responsibility, or problem. He masterfully makes himself look wonderful while putting others down. His way of getting his way is to complain until someone jumps up to make him happy.

All these manipulations I see and continually work with, in order not to fall and be his prey once again. This video explains what emotional abuse is. It is true that emotional abuse is almost worse than physical abuse. At least with physical abuse you have something to show for it. Sometimes you wish that someone would just hurt you so you could show others that you aren’t going crazy.

In Leslie’s book I have learned that one of Charlies best abuses is his grumpy reactive behavior. I know that I need to learn to not be affected by it. Wish me luck and blessings as you watch this. Leslie’s book is out : The Emotionally Destructive Marriage


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