Breathing With God

Breathing With God

They say that the easiest way to relaxation is to stop trying to make things different. Struggle comes from not accepting what is.

So, I need to sit back and relax right? Well, what happens when you are a fish out of water? Do you sit back and relax, just knowing that this will get you back in the water. No! This is where you need to ask, trust and wait for your help to come. And that Help most definitely will come; yet sometimes only a little bit, by little bit.

When I was in college I followed a guy who I had a crush on into a class on SCUBA diving. I thought how cool it would be to flaunt my good looks in a bathing suit for a whole hour and hopefully lure this guy into liking me. Everything was fine until we got into the deep end. As per regulations of the class you had to partner up, with one tank between two people, then go for a casual swim in the deep end. To my horror and delight this young man chose me and off we went.

For a few minutes I was fine thinking about how I was practically kissing him (since we were swappin’ spit). Then we reached the deep end and we descended into the pool. Immediately I started freaking out, wanting desperately to grab the oxygen regulator out of his mouth and just breathe all the air myself. My heart fought my brain. I didn’t care if this was a person who I was trying to impress, I wanted to breathe. “I want all the air to myself!” I wanted to scream.

I guess I was getting a bit pushy grabbing the air too much, so he came to the surface to remind me, not so kindly, that we had to share for us both to breathe. I was ashamed. We finished our lap (me still being terrified) and he quickly picked another for the next activity. Needless to say he never asked me out.

I often times feel that I cannot breathe. If I could just hog all the oxygen, maybe I would be ok. If I could control everything at my fingertips, then I wouldn’t drown.

I try to remember that God gives me everything, including the air I breathe and He is more than capable of making sure I have enough to survive. It is just so easy to panic. I find myself wondering if He will pass the regulator to me in time. Will I have enough? I am so tired of swimming and being worried. I realize that I don’t want to share with Him anymore.

Yet does God need the air? I don’t think so. He is just passing it on to me, to bless me. Why then can’t I have it all the time and swim on my own? Well, I’ve thought about that one for awhile and this is what I’ve come up with: God wants us to need Him, so that we know without a shadow of a doubt that He loves us and wants to provide for us.

He doesn’t take a second too long. You need air? Breathe. Then He holds our life (the air) in His hands and waits, longing to keep us breathing.

What about that flopping fish, does He immediately throw them back in? Yes many times, but often times like in the case of transporting whales, and dolphins they need to wait, be constantly attended to and wet down till they get back in the water where they belong.

So I guess if I am a “fish” out of water than I am a dolphin. This is not my home. I am being transported to a new and glorious place, which will be my permanent home. Till then I have to rely on the care of my God to wet me down, keep me safe and make sure I keep breathing.

Prayer is just like air.
It keeps us alive
While we strive.

Keep praying, keep breathing and know that God has your life, your purpose, your struggles, your fears and your happiness in His hands. Never forget, He loves taking care of you.


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