Take Time To Breathe

Swimming is tiring. I must keep a float. I stay so busy that I don’t notice that God gives me a life raft, nearby to rest on.

I must remember to take time to rest. How do I do this? Breath and take even just one minute, doing something out of the norm, a break from reality.

Today I will walk in the sunshine. Tomorrow I may lock myself in the bathroom to read. Each day I will do something special for me, because I am worth it.

God made me. I must take care of this gift. Help me God to protect this vessel you have given me. I am so sorry that I have been careless with it in the past.

Help me breathe. Help me take even a few minutes to realize how much I am loved by you.

Thank you for reminding me! Meghan

no longer silenced movement

take time

We live in a busy world. Everything’s fast paced. We always are on-the-go. We always have a mile long to do list, and a million and one things to improve upon. With all of the chaos and rush, we forget the peacefulness and beauty of the here and now.

We’re survivors, activists, dedicated to ending child abuse, fighting the evils and pains in the World that we don’t take a step back to revel in the beauty. We’re here, and whether we realize it or not, we’re putting positivity into the world, we’re making a difference.

Don’t forget to appreciate all you do and take time to yourself, be kind to yourself, be proud to be you, be proud of your accomplishments. Sometimes when we focus on making a difference so much we forget the power of self expression and a relaxed mind. Whether it’s a bench outside to watch…

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