Example of CrazyMaking


Day One:  I am looking at my computer and I read that a couple handfuls of cashews a day give you the same active ingredient as one Prozac pill. Charlie looks over my shoulder (he has a tendency to spy to make sure that I am not doing something wrong). He says, “Wow, maybe that’s what I need.” I don’t respond.

Day Two: I go to the grocery store, carrying the groceries into the house Charlie says, “Did you get me Cashews?”  “No,” I respond. “I didn’t know that you wanted them.”

Day Three: I end up going to a country store for a friends birthday gift. I spot a container of cashews and buy them. Coming home I hand Charlie his cashews. “Why’d you get me these? You trying to tell me something?” He gives me his suspicious eye look. “Oh my goodness Charlie, you asked me to get you some.” He looks confused. “I did?”

He ate the whole thing in one setting, even though it cost almost 5 dollars. That night he had one of his angry ranting sessions (like normal). So I sit wondering how long does it take to have those little nuts to work? And do I really want to keep buying those expensive things if he’s going to give me grief anyway?

4 thoughts on “Example of CrazyMaking

  1. This is how this situation would go down in my house…Day 1 same. Day 2 I bring home cashews, he says, FIVE DOLLARS!!! And I say…well you wanted them, right? He says…not for $5. I say, It’s my money anyway so don’t worry about it. Day 3 – I eat them all – then he goes to look for them and asks…where are MY cashews. Lol.

    They’re all idiots.

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