31 Facts in 31 Days – Day 13

This is a great list of things you can do to help someone who is being abused. Don’t sit by and shake your head. Pray and be there for them. Meghan

Battered Wife Seeking Better Life


You Don’t Have To Be An Expert To Be Able To Help!

Many people struggle with how to help a friend or other loved one who is in an unsafe, abusive relationship. Talking to a friend who you are worried about can be daunting.  The fear of interfering, being wrong, or possibly driving them away can keep many people from reaching out.  If you are concerned for someone’s safety in a relationship, you can turn to many available resources that may help you start the conversation. According to Domestic Abuse Intervention Services (2014), some important things to consider when talking to a friend include the following:

  1. Pick a time that won’t cause you two to be rushed.
  2. Find a safe location where you can talk and not be disturbed or overheard by others.
  3. Offer your support, including suggestions for resources and practical support, such as calling a local domestic violence…

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