My World is Shouting No


We’ve all had those days when the world seems against us. In fact, we are pretty sure that Satan and his angels are working overtime, just to bring misery into our day.  We’ve been there. Disappointment, discouragement and rejection have made a home in my life many times. Today was one of those days for me, but I turned on the computer and found this little encouraging picture. I just had to share it with you. Maybe you feel like me, defeated. Well, I encourage you to do what I am going to do. Even though I am surrounded with doubt and I feel that I can’t breathe, I am going to Stop! Look! And Listen:

First I will stop and realize that the devil is having his way. My God is too strong to allow me to wallow in fear and worry on my own. I will turn my situation over to the Lord and then leave it in His hands. The Lord who made us, the world and all its details, can certainly walk us through our shadow moments. I am going to stop and shout, “My God has already won.” I don’t have to listen to the angry voices, the critical boss, the unkind neighbor, the unappreciative child, the unloving husband. I don’t have to be pulled down by their darkness. God is light. I choose His path.

Next. I will look back at all the times that the Lord, “came through for me.” I will see His hand in the big picture of my life. He is there. I am not left to my own demise. God has watched me as I’ve slept and smiled. He loves me. Oh how he loves you too. Don’t give up hope. Jesus says in Matthew to his disciples, “Get in the boat and I will see you on the other side of the lake.” paraphrased. He doesn’t promise that there won’t be storms. He doesn’t say have a nice peaceful cruise. No, he says, “I will see you on the other side.” This is a promise. Nothing bad will happen to you, despite the storms. He is waiting for you on the other side. Keep going. He is waiting.

Finally I will listen to the small whisper that says, ” You can.” Don’t worry, you are not alone during this time. The roar of the waves can drown out the pleas of our rescuer, holding out his hand to pull us out of the rising water. When we can’t breathe, and feel that we are drowning, then it is the time to look up. God is there, ready to give us oxygen from Heaven.

I hear God saying, “Don’t worry, I’ve got it all figured out. Just sit back and trust me. Watch me work the miracles I have planned for your life.”

So join me, can you hear the whisper? You can, you can, you can go on.You can smile. You can breathe. You can make it through another day. Don’t you listen to all the noise around you. Just listen to the whispers of hope that float on the wind. They are sent just for you.

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