31 Facts in 31 Days – Day 23

Say No More to Violence, because Silence is deadly.

Battered Wife Seeking Better Life


While watching the news this morning, I was so excited to learn that the NFL would be participating in the new NOMORE Public Service Announcement.  It quickly took me back to when I first heard the original PSA which included numerous actors.  When I first saw it, it gave me the chills.  It was because they were talking about Domestic Violence – out loud.  Actors I knew from television.  Taking a stand. Talking about it like it was normal conversation.  I couldn’t wait to see it regularly on television – imagining it would become a staple like the smoking PSA commercials that show what tobacco does to our bodies.

It never became a regularly aired commercial – that I am aware of.  In fact, I have probably not seen it more than once.  Unless it airs during all of the SVU-type shows (which I don’t like watching because most of them can…

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