The Importance of Family Validating a Survivor

A Message to Men- How to help your abused loved one


Without validation, I feel stupid; like what they did shouldn’t still be haunting me.  And like I should be able to just push away all of the hurt, and move on with my life. However, that makes a survivor feel silenced… and I’m not sure there’s anything worse than being silenced by what is tearing you apart inside. You need a family who not only says, “I’ll be here for you,” but actually is. A family who shows support to their survivor by showing them that they don’t see the survivor any differently or like any less of a person than they did before. They need to remind the survivor over and over again that I wasn’t his/her fault and they won’t be blamed for what happened. Sit and listen to her flashbacks and anger and intense pain that she’s feeling. Even though it hurts you so much to hear…

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