What Would YOU Do? Everyone has a responsiblity

This made me cry. Yes there are decent people out there that will speak up and protect us. We need more people who are willing to do what is right. Meghan


6 thoughts on “What Would YOU Do? Everyone has a responsiblity

  1. Thanks for sharing this Meghan. As men we should not stand by and allow women to get abused. I experinced this first hand when people would just watch as my dad abused my mom, my brother and myself. It was hard to see people just stand and watch but what they needed to do was stand up and defend. I will be that man who will stand up for women who need to be stood up for! Thanks again for sharing!


    • It is a shame that others did not no what you so desperately needed them to do. A child doesn’t need to wonder where their safety will come from. You are a wonderful man despite. Thank you for being that heroic knight that all us women wish that we could have in our lives. Meghan

  2. Thank you for having the courage to share this, Meghan. There is NEVER, EVER any excuse for domestic violence or abuse of any kind. More people need to be educated about abuse and not just ‘shove it under the carpet’. Those men who just looked on and ignored the danger this woman was in should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves. Abuse of any kind against anyone should not be tolerated in any society and yet shamefully, it is. Love to you Meghan xxx ❤

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