Halloween Is Jesus’ Birthday- Part two


As mentioned in my last blog I believe that Halloween is Jesus’ Birthday.


Each year I get my children ready for this big event by discussing the magnitude of the day; reminding them what Christ ultimately came for, and what He did for them personally. We talk about how Christians celebrate Christmas in December, but that we know differently and need to spread this knowledge to everyone we meet. (I am raising little evangelists) I talk to them about how the devil tries to trick us all throughout our lives and how we can counteract the bad he throws at us with the love of Christ.

I let them pick out a costume that is not evil in nature, no zombies, ghosts, vampires etc… (Granted I have two boys and they gravitate towards ninjas and men with guns- I sigh and agree. There are real ninjas in Japan and men with guns fill our history books, I tell myself. Oh well.) We plan a special dinner with Jesus and sometimes have cake (Oh the sugar), my youngest always says it isn’t a party without cake. Then we sing Happy Birthday to Jesus and have a special prayer letting Him know that we haven’t forgotten Him.

Armed with little notes (see ideas in photo above) that we have colored ahead of time, we head out in search of candy. With each piece given, my children take turns giving the individuals at the doors their own treat, the note. Our note usually says, “Smile God Loves You”. Usually we get…”What is this?” Then we wait for their responses. They have ranged from nothing, to “Oh how nice”, to “God bless you too!” Many times we get looks of bewilderment, or quiet smiles. My boys have jumped in there with information about why we do this, if asked. They know that they are telling people about God and are proud. What happened to my enthusiasm and lack of fear to go out and spread God’s good news to complete strangers? Somewhere in life we get embarrassed and shut up. I look up to my boys for teaching me that it is ok to share God’s love, we shouldn’t be ashamed.

We come back to the house exhausted ready to examine their treasure troves. Needless to say, I always bring up the fact that God is our true treasure and that He is the sweetest thing around.

We end the day with teeth brushing and prayer. We wish Jesus another, “Hope you had a good Birthday. We love you Jesus.”

And that is our Happy Birthday Jesus celebration. Tell me what you think, or do you have any other ideas we could try? Why don’t you try to incorporate some of these ideas this Halloween and then let me know how it goes.

Now with that knowledge of what we usually do, I have to tell you that we will not be going out this year. Why you ask? Stay tuned to why we’ve chosen to skip the candy part of this year. And no it doesn’t have to do with too much sugar. Tomorrow’s blog is An Extra Special Birthday for Jesus- Halloween Meets the Sabbath. Meghan


One thought on “Halloween Is Jesus’ Birthday- Part two

  1. I am looking forward to reading the next post Meghan! I am so happy to see how you are raising up your kids!! They will surely do great things because of your guidance…….!


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