Pumpkin carving prayer

Working on my promised Halloween is Jesus’ Birthday part two I found this. I love this and wanted to share it. Meghan

 I came across this when putting together my daughters pumpkin lapbook. I just love it and thought others might like to see it, for an alternative way to carve a pumpkin.  There is a book about called The Pumpkin Parable (or something like it, sorry I don’t have the specifics) that is very similar, with bible pasages.

Cut off the top:
Lord, open my mind and fill me with Your wisdom and guidance.

Scoop out the yuckies:
Lord, take out all my fussies and frownies and fill me with Your love.

Carve out the eyes:
Lord, open my eyes to see all of the beautiful things You have made.

Carve out the nose:
Lord, help me to be a sweet fragrance for You.

Carve out the mouth:
Lord, help me to always speak your words of love and kindness.

Place in a candle:
Lord, let me be a light to…

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