When Halloween and The Sabbath Collide- An Extra Special Birthday for Jesus


Every once in awhile Halloween becomes extra special in our home. This is when Jesus’ Birthday, see


falls on the Sabbath. In our home the Sabbath starts on sundown Friday night and continues through Saturday till sundown. Every week we make this time a special family time; we go to church and spend time with friends, go for hikes and play games together.  We focus on God and His blessings that He has given us. Sabbath is a rest, a chance to be apart from this busy world. We do not go shopping, or do bills or do any such business on this day. We remember the Sabbath day as the Bible in Exodus 20 (Ten Commandments) tell us to do.

This year Halloween falls on the beginning of our Sabbath. This is of interest to us because it is also what we consider Jesus’ Birthday (my belief, not my church’s.) There will be no trick or treating for us, no dressing up and going door to door. Instead we will be celebrating the birth of Christ at home, with friends. What better way to celebrate a birthday than to have a Birthday Party? The kids have already planned pizza for supper and a chocolate cake in the form of a pumpkin. They will have a candle in the shape of a cross to top it off.

Before the party we will go out giving God our gifts. We will go to a drive thru and pay for the customer behind us and give the cashier a note for them..it will say, “pass it on”. We will find places where we can give, surprise gifts, for they are for our Lord. One place we gave in the past was the laundry mat. We went with $20 of quarters and passed them out. Who knows where the Lord will lead this year.

When trick or treaters come to our house we put a dish with a few pieces of candy on the porch and a note on our door saying, “We are choosing to not participate in Halloween activities this year because it is on our Sabbath. You are important to us, so we left some candy. Please take one.” Then we keep refiling the bowl.

We’ve heard so many sweet comments through our door. People admire our choice, I think, even though we go through candy faster this way.

What ever we choose to do I make sure that it includes the plans of my boys. If they own it than they feel important. We are still ironing out the specifics, but this is approximately what we will do, cause we’ve done stuff like this in the past years that Halloween fell on our Sabbath.

I just heard that our town is shutting down trick or treating Friday night due to the threat of triple E. Guess they fear those pesky mosquitos. We will go on with our birthday celebration. Then Sabbath morning we will be at church. We’ll put a bowl out before we leave. Hope the neighbor’s dog doesn’t come by.

Tell me what you think. Have any ideas for us? I still want to allow my boys to dress up sometime and they haven’t been invited to any parties. I don’t know what to do. Dressing up is so much fun and they already have their costumes planned. Help, what should I do? Meghan

Tomorrows post: Halloween- What to do with all that left over candy?

One thought on “When Halloween and The Sabbath Collide- An Extra Special Birthday for Jesus

  1. I have no idea’s to give but I actually got some for myself. Being a blessing can be easy from reading the things you have done!! God bless you for modeling true love…..God’s love!

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