Abused In- Massachusetts?

Woman Covering Her Face In Fear Of Domestic Violence

Are you emotionally, physically, spiritually, financially, physically or sexually being abused? Have you been in the past? Statistics show that one in four women will be abused sometime in their life. If you feel like your life is out of control and you don’t know why, if you cringe when you hear your spouse’s car drive up the driveway, if you don’t know why you are filled with feel or you think you might be going crazy…you might be abused and not know it. There is help!

The following is a list of helpful organizations you can contact for support and direction:

(Please send me addresses or links and I will run an updated list in the future.)

























If you live in Massachusetts there are support groups. Here are a few you could check out:

(Again if you have more links send them to me and I will run an updated list)




If you are reading this and let me know of a support group in your state then I will make a page on my blog state by state for people looking for support groups. Thanks for your help with this. I will post this on my pages as well as my blog. Meghan

15 thoughts on “Abused In- Massachusetts?

  1. Reblogged this on betternotbroken and commented:
    Yes. Trust me, you can be abused EVEN in Massachusetts and even if you join Red Sox Nation. You may think the Yankee’s suck but abuse sucks WAAAAAY more. Reblogging this for those it may help and as a favor to Finding Hope’s Sunshine.

  2. Reblogged this on jillussery and commented:
    I once was in an abusive relationship. It was nothing I had never experienced. With every slap and every time he pulled me across the floor by my hair, it got worse each time. Then one it was so bad, he beat me with a bat and I started getting dizzy and had to make a quick choice. I could lay there with my hands over my head until he killed me or I could try and get up and just run for the door knowing the bat was going hit me with me not blocking the blows. well I decided to make a run for it. He had me by the hair tyring to pull me back in the house but I was not giving up and letting that bastard win. I was not going die that way. Even going out the door he pushed and I fell across some old boards he had in backyard and nail went through the palm of my hand but I was going die that way.. NEEDLESS to say I GOT AWAY AND NEVER EVER WENT BACK!!! For a long time he begged cried but I wouldn’t even take his calls. I knew if I went back and ended a movie on lifetime because he killed me it would be nobody’s fault but mine.. If anyone out there is being abused get out while you still can. It does NOT get better

    • Yes, it is very sad. There need to be more people out there sticking up for those who are suffering. There is a big push out there to stop bullying in schools, but what happens when it is going on at home? Thanks for your input. Every voice counts!

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