Abused Women- Gracie


Another terrible, but wonderful account of a woman who faced abuse and walked away courageously. Gracie’s book is the newest book I want to read. You will see a review after I read it. Here is Gracie’s story:

Unflinching and Unveiled.


6 thoughts on “Abused Women- Gracie

  1. Thank you for sharing my story. Too many years of my life were wasted in fear. I will be silent no more. I survived, and as my dear husband James recently said, “You’ve gone from being a victim to becoming a “victor” over the things you survived. May we all move from “victim” to “victor”!
    Love, Gracie

      • I am, it took many years and many more missteps. Please know how much my heart aches to remember the loneliness and isolation that I felt. I finally was challenged to “stop being stuck in the moment” of pain and rejection, and to start looking for ways to help bring about change for others. It’s been a long journey, filed with hard times and misunderstandings and ignorant people, but I wouldn’t trade the freedom found in helping others for anything. I am so humbled by your invitation to journey alongside you through this. Thank you for all the rays of hope you bring, fellow victor! Love, Gracie.

  2. HI Meghan…. Misty here. When God closes a door,do not open that door again, God wants it closed, another door will open. A wonderful woman told me that. The devil can distort are thinking if we let him. I’m so glad that we have Jesus in us, he will show us the right path. Tis the season for good not evil. Love ,Misty

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