Finding The Kisses From Heaven


A new year has come upon us. I welcome it with uncertainty. I know that there will be wonderful memories, but how much pain will accompany it? I wonder. Unfortunately, the two often come hand and hand. Some may call it the “Ying and Yang” of life, others “two sides of a coin”. Whatever you call it, trouble and blessings usually stay close together. Yet, many times when the disappointments come we are so overwhelmed with self that we don’t notice the blessings that surround us.

I am committing myself to be aware of those blessing that come this year, the kisses that God sends from above to tell me that He is still there and He does love me. With each negative thing that happens I will ask God to show me the good. I will demand that he hug me. Like Jacob in the Bible, I will not let go until I receive my blessing.

I have always loved the movie the Sound of Music. The one statement that has made the biggest impression on me is where Maria says, “When God closes a door, somewhere He opens a window.” I have had a lot of windows closed in 2014. I have seen a lot of pain and betrayal. I stand here now at the door of 2015 and look up. Somewhere God has a window up there and He is waiting for me to notice it. When I see it, He will open it. So I stare into the unknown and wait expectantly upon the Lord.

Meanwhile, I will be counting the ways He loves me and documenting his kisses from Heaven. I need to focus on His love so that I don’t stare at myself in self pity. Jesus loves me this I know, for more than the Bible tells me so.

Join me. Share with me His little blessings. When He shows you a sunset, a feather, a special mark just meant for you, and I will add it here for others to be blessed. The blessings are there, we just need to look for them.

I am tired of looking at the dirt. From now on I am looking up and waiting to be kissed.

“Let Him kiss me with the kisses of His mouth! For your love is better than wine.” Song of Solomon 1:2


One thought on “Finding The Kisses From Heaven

  1. Amen… You are so right. We have to start thanking Him for the little blessings that He gives us everyday… and continue to anticipate His even greater blessings as we walk ‘hand in hand’ with Him! God bless you, my sister!! May all your hopes and dreams come to fruition in 2015!

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