Shoveling in Goggles and Flippers


Well no, not really. I didn’t shovel my driveway in a swimming suit, goggles and flippers, but I should have. There is an ocean of a puddle at the end of my driveway and I had to shovel next to it to free my driveway.

As I stated in my last post my husband has the flu. It is day two of him sleeping almost all day. Poor guy. Poor me too though because I am having to do all his jobs and mine too. Wood stacked, check. Fire going, check. Driveway shoveled, check. I don’t know how to use the snow blower. It would not have done me much good though, because the snow is heavy water logged mush.

It took an hour to do the drive. My two boys helped. Then I faced the wall at the end and told them to go inside. I didn’t want them to get hit by a car, or wet and then sick like their father. Kids and water don’t mix and I knew they would not stay dry. So I took a deep breath and started digging. My arms are so tired by this point but I persevere.

The wall is situated by the ocean of a puddle at the end of my drive. I have asked the town to do something about this low area. Each year they throw down a little black sticky stuff and drive away. The sticky stuff sticks to my car and washes away in each rain storm that comes our way. So there is a hole there again, getting bigger as we speak.

I dug into the ice packed wall. A snow plow drove by. I know that they don’t just stop and help. And I didn’t have any money to give him, but the least he could have done was not drive through the puddle and send water splashing my way. I ran. This happened about forty more times. In the time I was down there, digging and running only four cars drove around the puddle. One was a snow plow, one a guy in a jeep and two cars. I threw up my hands and yelled, “thank you.”

I would be soaked right now if I wasn’t such a fast runner. My arms are sore and I am exhausted, but my driveway is clear and I can go out and get medicine for my husband if he needs more.

I laugh at the experience now. Yet I am sad that hardly no one cared. I should have had on the swim suit and goggles and fins and let it come. Then maybe someone would have noticed me. Most of my life is like this though and I am used to not being noticed. I felt like letting someone getting me wet to see if someone would have turned around and said sorry. But I heard my mother’s voice telling me that I’d get sick, cause I’d be wet and my husband was already sick. So I didn’t give in to those urges.

As you can tell things are starting to melt. Not fast enough for my driveway. So I worked hard and now feel tired but good.

Anyone who feels like going for a swim, party at my house. Don’t forget your goggles and fins.


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