Finding Kisses From Heaven- Day 7

kisses I awoke to stomping boots and explicit curses early this morning. I turned over and glanced at my clock. 6 A.M, A few minutes early for me, but I was already awake so I decided to get up. I tiptoed into the family room to where my husband was having a full melt down. “Good morning,” I said cheerfully. “What’s good about it?” He replied. I shrugged. “Night two with no sleep. My mind is racing and I can’t turn it off.” I touched his shoulder gently to let him know that I was concerned. (Since sleeping three days straight with the flu, he hasn’t slept well at night the last two nights. Now he is sleep deprived and going mad.) It is amazing how much influence sleep has over our lives. I went to the bathroom to wash my hair. Soap sudded up, the door flies open. “What did you do with my wallet?” I peeked at him through dripping hair. “I haven’t touched it.” “Well it isn’t where I put it yesterday.” “I don’t know, I haven’t seen it.” He slams the door shut. The next thing I know is that he is gone. He must have found his wallet. I go to eat my cereal and dry my hair in front of the fireplace. It is warm and relaxing. Oh so quiet. I feel peace amid the morning’s chaos. Blessing number one. I pick up a morning devotional and it is about how God takes care of us as a shepherd takes care of his sheep. I read the 23rd Psalms. This morning I see it with new eyes. Here is my paraphrase: The Lord is my protector; He provides me with everything I need. He lets me rest when I am tired; He leads me to places of serenity (my fireplace). He renews my morning, giving me strength to go through another busy day. He will guide me onto the path of peace. Even when I face the darkest situations, I am not alone, for You are right there beside me. You hold my hand. You go before me to make sure that the path ahead is safe for me. You will bless me in front of those who hurt me. They will see Your goodness and love toward me. My cup of blessing overflows. You continually send me your unfailing love and pursue me all day long. I am never alone. I choose to follow you and live in your presence today. Thank you Lord for blessing number two. My dog comes up to me and gives me a HUGE lick on the ear. I guess that is my third blessing, my Kiss from Heaven. I stand up ready to face my day. Meghan


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