I’m a Man (Healing Day 8)

Both the video clip and the song made my day today. I had to reblog this from my friend Shannon at Just Show Up, Hopeful Hearts Ministry. She is so wonderful. If you get a chance look her up- after you watch these. Have a beautiful day. Meghan

Just Show Up

I was sent this amazing video by a friend and I had to share today. It gave me JOY to hear this young man say “I can’t because I’m a man.”

The only time I’ve been ‘physically’ abused was during the assault when I was 17 (or rather 2 weeks before my 17th birthday as I often recall). That was the first and last time a man had ever laid his hands on me in a violent manner. The effects don’t go away. Obviously what I’ve found through the other assaults I’d incurred was that non-verbal threats, psychological abuse along with the sexual act is just as damaging, if not even more apt to leave a mental ‘scar’ than an actual physical slap. Regardless it’s all bad. And a physical assault can’t be done without the psychological ramifications.

I watched this video and cried. Tears of both sadness and

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