Finding Kisses From Heaven- Day 12


“I had not told anyone what my God had put in my heart to do for Jerusalem.” Nehemiah 2:12

Did you know that God puts things on our hearts? Nehemiah did, as his story tells us in the Bible. His commission from God was to go rebuild the walls and the people in Jerusalem. He was to ask the King of Persia for supplies, men and time off from his duties. He could have been killed for his request, but he went forth courageously because God had placed this important bidding on his heart.

God still places His requests on our hearts today. He puts ideas and dreams in our hearts for He knows that this is where our passions abide. He wants us to do His work with all of our passion. He wants His plans to be joyful experiences for us. Life is supposed to be full of blessings.

For Nehemiah, this passion would be to help his people in Jerusalem, for Mother Theresa it was to help the poor, for Martin Luther King Jr. it was to speak out about the injustices in the world. God does not need famous people, the rich or the influential to do His work. He instead chooses the simple, to do the glorious. This way we cannot boast that our accomplishments come from our own talents and abilities. Remember Jesus called stinky, dirty fishermen to be the leaders of His church and He associated with the low of the earth while He lived here.

Many times the humble and broken spirit is that which listens the best to the Lord’s promptings. This is why when we’ve been hurt and feel saddened that we sometimes feel the closest to God. He uses our painful situations to draw us close to Him. And then always turns us around to help someone else.

He wants to use you today? Will you listen? Are you willing to do what He asks?

The last two nights I have received the weirdest commission placed upon my heart. I’ve never experienced this before and I felt rather silly doing it. But it was too real for me to question, so I courageously obeyed the Lord’s command. This is what happened. As I slept, God placed a name on my heart, first and last to be exact. I had no idea who this person was, but God told me to find them and tell them that He loved them. As I said before, this happened two nights in a row with two different names (and has not happened since).

I went to Facebook to see if I could find them. I found approximately 5 people with that name, both times. I wrote to them telling them their message and told them that I hoped that they didn’t think I was crazy. I don’t know, they probably think I am, for I haven’t received a reply from any of them yet. I don’t care if they think I am weird. I feel good that I heard the voice of the Lord and I followed what He set out for me to do. I actually miss doing it. I wish He would speak to me everyday and tell me what to do. Then maybe I’d feel like I was accomplishing something worthwhile. I want my life to be meaningful.

A friend of mine yesterday told me that I had a new employer, God. I knew that my life was about serving Him, but somehow I never thought of Him as my employer. He is the one who sets the plans in motion and gives me a new day to experience. I am blessed to have the best employer around. He gives great benefits! A free health plan included.

“Lord, thank your for blessing me. Write Your requests on my heart today, so that I may know which direction I should go. Let me feel your presence again. I enjoy it too much. Use me to tell others that they are loved by You.”


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