Finding Kisses From Heaven- Day 13


I have been blessed to find Naomi Striemer, a Christian singer/song writer who made it to the top, only to be told by God that this is not what He had planned for her. She hob nobbed with the biggest named stars and was destined to become the next Whitney Houston or Celine Dion. Then a limo driver told her that God had given him a message for her, that if she continued down the secular road to fame and fortune she would only find pain and disappointment. Being a Christian she listened and prayed fervently.

Making the hard choice to walk away from any success she had made and any contacts she had, was the toughest thing she had to do. Once she did, though, God blessed her. She is doing Christian songs now and I am blessed to have found her, read her book and be inspired by her story.

Her story, as ours is, is untold. It is just the beginning of a glorious future. And the past, well there is a story there as well. So much that we do not know about. God has saved us innumerable times. He has steered us and kept us on the right roads. I am so thankful that someday I will be able to sit down with Him and ask Him to tell me that untold story.


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