Singing Food


I want my food to sing! This is my favorite cartoon ever. Had to share it. I have it up in my kitchen to help me keep a light attitude about cooking meals. I dislike cooking! I love baking, making something creative and yummy, but the day to day drudgery of trying to make everyone happy is getting old. I just want to pull out the cereal and say, “Eat this three times a day.”

There is so many things you have to do to make a good, healthy meal. We don’t want chemicals, flavorings, colorings or GMO. One week my husband is a vegan and off coffee, the next he is eating meat every night and drinking two cups of coffee before bed. I don’t get it. My children are picky as they can be. I often times feel like I am a short order cook making each of them a separate meal. How did I let it get to this state? One won’t eat this, but the other will. Then the other won’t eat something else. I have to make bare dishes and have people add what they like at the end. Example, I can’t make stirfry veggies, I have to saute them separately and then the kids can add what they like to their rice. Who hears of that? A mom who has all her burners cooking veggies separately just to please the family. AHHHH! Like I said, how did I get here?

I am a pleaser. Always have been. When my mom and dad got separated I made sure that I stepped up and did the jobs that needed to be done. I was a straight A student. I was loved by everyone. I was a class officer and yearbook editor. I traveled in choir and the acting group. I took my siblings back and forth to school every day. I did what needed to be done. And I always stayed on top of it all.

Now I am drowning. With work, household duties, bills, children, being a wife, shoveling the driveway, keeping the house warm, I am pushed to my limits. No longer is it easy to stay atop the heaping list of things and people who I have to “make happy.” I know that I should put boundaries down and just stop trying to please everyone, but it isn’t that simple. Really!

Everything has to do with everything else. It is a vicious circle. When I let one thing go another rises up in chaos. I find that hiding my shortcomings is oh so much easier than changing them. If I just look like I know what I am doing and always stay busy, the people around me think that I have it all together. Ha, if they only knew.

So I start another day behind. I smile and know that God will get me through, somehow. Maybe my food will sing to me today, or maybe not. I have my imagination to see me through the crazytimes. I will continue to be a pleaser, because that is who I am- anything to get them to eat good food.

Wish me luck!


One thought on “Singing Food

  1. Wow Meghan. I don’t know how you do it. My kids do whatever they please mostly, I have very little control over them. Food is the only thing I have under control They eat what’s on the plate or they hear: “then you’ll have to wait till the next meal”. 🙂
    I was a picky eater, I really don’t know how my mother allow it, it’s terrible! 🙂


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