Finding Kisses From Heaven- Day 14

Naomi Striemer- What I Know Now

As I said yesterday, I love this Christian singer. She has spoken to my heart more than once. Speaking of hearts, I woke up this morning and shuffled into the bathroom. There on the floor was a pile of dirt in the shape of a heart. It was in the corner, so I know that no one in my house “made” it that way. Funny how God used dirt to tell me I was loved today.

As this song says, God knows what the direction of our life is. We do not. If we could know, than we would be thankful. We would see every twist and turn that was made was God’s hand in our life. I am going to try to be thankful today for all He gives, and takes away. I know that His plans are for the best. I just have to wait and find out what they are all about.

Till then I have my heart of dirt. I know that I am loved.

P.S. I found this Bible verse in the Message Bible. I have paraphrased it and shuffled a few of the verses around but this was so powerful to me when I read it this morning. I am blessed!

Psalm 116:6

God is gracious. He will make all things right, in His time. Relax and rest knowing that God has showered you with blessings today. He is compassionate and loves to help you when you feel helpless. When you are at the end of your rope, know that He is there to catch you.


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