Finding Kisses From Heaven- Day 15

From Heaven With Love- Naomi Striemer

I have the most peculiar blessing to share with you this morning. Last night I had to go into the city. I don’t normally have to, but I needed to pick something up. As I was driving down the crowded streets I saw a homeless woman pushing a shopping cart. The cart was full, she was dressed warmly. She was heaving the cart through the snow. Thoughts ran through my head, “Poor lady, I wonder if she is warm, where does she live, does she have a mental illness, why does she have to be out here, I should stop and help her, no I can’t there are cars behind me and there is no parking, I feel so bad, she looks old, it is dark, wow she has a lot of stuff, why does she have so much stuff if she is homeless, isn’t she worried that someone might come and steal it, that would be terrible  – stealing from a homeless women.” Then I saw it, I know that it was dark, but I should have noticed it sooner. Tied to the cart were six or seven balloons flying in the wind.

“What is she doing with that many balloons?” I thought. I smiled and suddenly I didn’t feel so sorry for her anymore, but a bit of jealousy crept in. Balloons are happy, playful things. To get a balloon is to receive joy. This woman had joy in her life. As bleak as her situation was, she had found someone who had cared enough to spread a little happiness. I suddenly wished that I could have been that person. That is my mission in life to shine the light of God into the dark places in people’s hearts. Somewhere sometime I am going to give away balloons. I am going to have fun planning just how.

As I was preparing to write this I remembered Naomi’s song From Heaven With Love. I love it’s message and of course it is a beautiful song. If we all give a little from our heart than there would be no more hunger, sadness, loneliness or homelessness. Think about how you can give a little from your hearts today. I am going to search too, for God loves a cheerful giver (2 Corinthians 9:7).


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