Finding Kisses From Heaven- Day 21


So I stretched after writing my post yesterday. I sent out a resume for a position that I am pretty sure is above my expertise. It is the executive secretary for the president of a large place. It is fun to hope though. I sit back waiting now.

While waiting I received a phone call from myself. Well, at least that is what my caller id says. I didn’t pick up and talk to myself. I wonder what I would have said? Maybe I would congratulate myself and encourage me to keep pushing forward. That would have been pretty cool to hear words of affirmation from myself. I am not always my best cheerleader.

I decided to do some research and look up the situation online. I guess I was what they called “spoofed”. People can call using other people’s phone numbers now, including your own. So no more trusting caller id, I guess. So who called me and why? I hit return call, and an automatize voice said to type in my pin number. I hung up. Weird.

Got me thinking though, what would I say to myself If I had a chance?


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