You are Loved by God


The one thing that all humans need more than anything else is to know that we are loved. Without love, we feel worthless, unimportant and useless. We compare ourselves to other people and often base our level of importance on how we measure up to them. Everyday we stare in the mirror and ask, “Do I matter today?” To answer this question we often look at:

· Our appearance
· Our achievements
· Our being approved by others
· Our wealth or power

We ask ourselves, “Do I look good enough? Am I successful enough? What do others think of me? Have I done enough to make a difference?” We rate how important we are by comparing ourselves to others. Our need to be loved, to be accepted, and to feel self-worth are constantly changing depending on who we are looking at. The problem with this is that there will always be someone who can do more than us and do it better than we can. When we base your self-worth on what others think, it dooms us to never really knowing where we stand.

One day a gem dealer visited a gem & mineral show in Tucson, Arizona. He came upon a large bluish colored stone the size of a potato. He picked it up and asked the vendor how much he wanted for it. The man said he was trying to get $15.00 for it, but since it wasn’t that pretty, he let it go for $10.00.

He bought it quickly and went home.

Since that day the stone has been certified as a 1,905-carat natural star sapphire. It is largest stone of its kind and is appraised at $2.28 million.

It took a lover of stones to recognize the sapphire’s worth. It takes the Lover of your soul to recognize your true value. He knows that you are more important than everything else this world has to offer. Why else would He come and give His life for His children?

If you desire to build your self-image, build it on something that will last; build it on what God think of you, not on what the world thinks of you. When we understand what God thinks of us, it changes the way we see ourselves.

Know you are special today!



One thought on “You are Loved by God

  1. You are truly special too, Meghan. God has given you a wonderful gift of sharing His Word with others and that really makes a world of difference to me at the moment with my current circumstances xxx 🙂

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