Finding Kisses From Heaven – Day 31


A friend of mine said this saying at church today and I loved it. She said that we NEVER lose. We either win or we are learning. I love this because this means I am never a failure. No matter what I do wrong, I am not a failure, but a learner. I am learning each and every day, in every way.

So next time you make a mistake, instead of saying, “sorry” say, “I’m learning.” I myself, say sorry way too much. Someone drops their papers on the ground, I say, “sorry”. I know that it is not my fault. I am not admitting that it is. Instead, I am expressing my sadness for them. Tell me what you think, is this more of a woman thing, than a man thing. I don’t know many men that would say sorry. My husband has gone out of his way to tell me that he doesn’t need to say sorry, because it isn’t his fault. “I know,” I reply. “But you have to show empathy.” I respond.

How does one show empathy without saying sorry? When someone has something terrible happen to them, what do you say? I would love to have a list of ways to say “sorry” without actually using that word. I really want to know, so if you read this write back and tell me your ideas. Maybe I will repost your responses (if I get enough) and entitle it WAYS TO SAY YOU ARE SORRY.

Till then don’t focus on your mistakes. They are a blessing to you. You are given the gift of learning.

Go make some mistakes today, and have fun!



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