Finding Hopes Sunshine- Day 32


Wow, I can’t believe that it is February!

We are bracing ourselves for yet another winter storm. This time possibly a foot, on top of the two to three feet that we already have. I read a book in grade school about a family that got trapped inside their cabin and had to go up the chimney to get freed. Things aren’t that bad yet, but it’s definitely crazy.

Today is the Super Bowl. Families and friends across the United States will be watching football and eating junk food. I don’t usually get into it, but this year’s game should be interesting. My husband and in-laws and all his close friends are from Washington State. They are routing for the Sea Hawks. I being from Massachusetts, feel compelled to cheer on the Patriots. Should be an interesting experience.

Last night I had eight young boys running around our house. It was my son’s eleventh birthday party. There was lots of noise and mess. Boys will be boys. But I am so glad that they had fun. I want my kids to be liked by others. I wanted to jump in there and help, but I had to sit back and let them find the “fun” on their own. I just provided the yummy food.

I am tired and I have a messy house to clean. The kids will help me. I just have to get myself motivated to start my day.

I am blessed to have great kids, and wonderful in-laws (even if they are from Washington) and a hard working husband. (He is cheering for Patriots too, he is torn.)

Getting a new wood boiler today. Don’t know how Charlie is going to get a three hundred pound boiler on his truck, but it anyone can do it, he can. He is a MacGyver, and can figure out everything.

So much is happening today. I am blessed to be alive and part of it. Now if I could only get up and start getting something accomplished on my part.

Wish me luck. Go Pats!


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