Ways to Say “I Am Sorry”


These little words are so hard to say when we’ve done something wrong. Yet, if you are like me, I say them fluidly whenever someone else is going through something terrible. “I’m Sorry”, is my way of empathizing with their situation. I am not admitting that I have done anything wrong, or that I am hurting them in anyway; But just the opposite, I am showing them that I hurt, because they hurt. I feel bad that they are in pain.

I’ve been told by many people that I need to stop saying, “Sorry”. That others perceive me as being weak and admitting that I have done something to have caused the others sufferings. Ever since, I have been on a search to find ways to say, “I am sorry” without using those exact words.

I came across a great list of ways to say, “I am sorry” to your husband/wife. Someone mentioned that this list of ideas compiled would make for a great wedding gift. Great idea!

Anyway here is the link: 65 Ways to Say I am Sorry


Great list. But this doesn’t help me with my problem. I need words that I can use to substitute and still convey the love and concern that I have for others. Just as I write this my husband calls to tell me all the terrible things that are happening in his life today. (Second time I’ve heard him dump today). I ended the phone conversation by saying, “I am sorry you are having such a rotten day.” You see, I am terrible. I need help. I have to find other words.

A friend of mine on Facebook just lost his Dad. I said, “My heart goes out to you.” This is a good one for starters. I am adding this one to my list. One down, thirty-one to go. I want at least one per day.

Looking for ideas…



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