Finding Kisses From Heaven- February 2


Another snow day. I am going back to bed. I am blessed.

I watched the Super Bowl last night. Great game. It is too bad I had to watch it by myself though. I was feeling sick and didn’t have the strength to go to my in-laws to watch the game, so they all went without me.

At least I had peace and quiet. And I got to watch the Puppy Bowl without complaints.

The greatest thing about the whole game was not that the Patriots won, or that it was a close game, or that Katie gave a colorful performance- but that NO MORE gave us an excellent domestic violence commercial. It made me cry.

That commercial was donated to NO MORE, all four million dollars of it. Think about that. The NFL is committed to spreading the word. This epidemic is bigger than we all know. Congrads to the NFL for spreading the word.

I am happy. I am going back to bed, stayed up too late watching tv. Love snow days!


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