Super Bowl vs. Domestic Violence

I watched the Super Bowl last night and this was by far the most powerful thing I saw all night. It made me cry. Meghan

Battered Wife Seeking Better Life

Yes, I’m a football fan.  Not a FANATIC but I do enjoy the sport.  Watching it…and in my youth…playing it.  I was a cheerleader in high school but at that time I wasn’t in it for the sport.  Years later, my ex-boyfriend taught me about the game.  The real details, and because he loved it I paid attention and learned.  I may not watch every game or even an entire game but I can sit and not be bored by it.

After I was married, well into the whole abuse issue, I remember once hearing a statistic that Super Bowl Sunday was the most dangerous day of the year for women in abusive relationships.  I thought to myself, thank God my husband doesn’t like football – not only football, pretty much no sports at all.  Whew!  Right?  Not really.  According to more recent data it seems these reports were not…

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