10 of 100 Ways to answer, “How are you”


I came across a very interesting list: 100 ways to answer the question, “How are you?”. I found it on:


I found it posted on:  https://mirrorgirlblog.wordpress.com/100-ways-to-answer-the-question-how-are-you/

Thank you, to both places. These are very interesting and can be helpful. I’ve written down 10 of them. If you want more you will have to go to one of these two places and pull up the pdf file.

1. I’m fine. How are you? (Sometimes you need to say this even when you don’t feel fine)

2. I’m AWAP (As Well As Possible).

3. I’m trying really hard to avoid ambiguous questions at the moment.

4. (Just answer with the same question:) How are you?

5. I could complain, but I’m not going to.

6. Upright and still breathing.

7. Thanks for caring babe! Glad to be here with you.

8. Better than yesterday, but not as good as I will be tomorrow.

9. I am!

10. Wondering how you are?

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