Finding Kisses From Heaven


Trying hard to find my blessings today. Had a fight with my husband. The day seems dark and dreary.

I am told that I do things all wrong and that because I don’t do things the way he tells me, that he’d rather not have me help him at all. Another shoveling argument! The snow blower broke and we had to shovel the 70 foot driveway by hand. The foot and a half of snow wasn’t as bad as the wall at the bottom.

I got the broken shovel, the one with a nail that sticks out of the top, because the handle broke off of it. I shoveled the whole top portion of the driveway. Charlie did the bottom. He came up and started yelling at me. Because I didn’t start at the middle of the driveway, because I didn’t shovel from the middle out he decides that it is ok to be mean. Not acceptable!

He says that I have made triple the work for him. I shoveled the whole top portion of the driveway, how did I triple the work for him? After I left he didn’t change anything I did. So it couldn’t have been too bad.

I don’t want to make him do the whole driveway himself, but I don’t want to get reprimanded either. He is making me not want to help anymore.

My blessing is that I have a cleared driveway and that I am able to work and make money today. I guess that is enough to be thankful for today.


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