35 Ways to Say, “I Am Sorry”


I realize that I have a problem saying “sorry” for things that are not my fault. This little word is way over used, and then when I need to use it for real, it has lost its meaning. I have been on a search for other ways to voice my concern, for when something bad happens and you want other people to know that you care for them. Here is my list. Thank you to all that wrote me, giving your responses. These are just a few ways, but should help get us started in sharing our love.

1.    My heart goes out to you.

2.    I am touched by your situation.

3.    My compassion is with you.

4.    I am impressed by your courage.

5.    My sympathies are with you right now.

6.    Can I pray for you?

7.    You must be overwhelmed right now. How can I help?

8.    I feel for you.

9.    It makes me sad to see you troubled this way.

10.  I really feel bad for you.

11.  It is unfortunate that…

12.  How sad for you that this has happened…

13.  I sympathize with your situation.

14.  It is too bad that you feel this way.

15.  Thank you for letting me know how you feel.

16.  I completely understand how you feel.

17.  You seem upset. Is there something I can do to help?

18.  I am more than happy to help you.

20.  You are having a tough day, huh?

21.  You are not alone. I am here.

22.  God is with you, helping you right now.

23.  You are having a rotten day. I hope that things get better.

24.  I wish things weren’t so hard for you.

25.  You are having a “Jonah day”, aren’t you.

26.  The world isn’t looking so cheery today. I will smile for you.

27.  I wish you the best!

28.  Are you OK?

29.  It is too bad that…

30.  I wish I could make everything all better.

31.  That’s terrible!

32.  Things will get better soon.

33.  Keep your chin up.

34.  I honestly am at a loss for words. But please know that I care about you.

35.  Wow!


11 thoughts on “35 Ways to Say, “I Am Sorry”

  1. “I’m sorry” are probably the two most difficult words to say when things are my fault. Having other ways to voice empathy and concern for other times also helps to make sure those words aren’t cheapened when they do need to be said.

    • Glad they are of a help to you. I needed it, so researched and asked others for help and this is what I got. So I wanted to share it. Share it with others if you’d like. Could help someone else. Have a great day. Meghan

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