Finding Kisses From Heaven- February 5

We have a woman in our church who is turning 104 this March. I look at her in awe. She has so much wisdom with all that she has seen. I asked her one day if she remembered when cars came out. She laughed and said, “Honey, I am not that old?” I guess I don’t know when cars first came out. She says that she remembers having to crank her father’s car, to start it. That must date her.

I think that she must have seen so much growth in the last century. Have we really gotten any better?

I think that those that have gone before us have gained so much wisdom. I love sitting down and listening to the old family stories. I get blessed learning from their mistakes.

What would you tell others is the secret to happiness, to love? How would you live your life differently, if you could? What can we leave as a legacy to our children, so that their lives are better?

My Grandfather told me before he died, “Live life fully, and don’t be afraid.” I have been trying to do that ever since, but I don’t think that I am doing that very well.

What will tell your Grandchildren?



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