Finding Kisses From Heaven- February 6


At bedtime last night my youngest son cuddled up to me and kissed me on my cheek. “Mommy, you are the most beautiful Mommy in the whole world.” His words made me feel it, even if for just one moment in time. I love that little guy so much. He and his brother are my world.

Reminds me of a cute story from his past.

Tanner (my youngest) was out splashing in his rain boots, one rainy day. He couldn’t have been more than three years old. He looked so cute pouncing in the puddles. He bent down and picked something up and looked sad. I walked over to him to see what had made his smile disappear. He had found a worm, floundering in the puddle. It looked mostly dead to me.

He pushed out his hand to me as if I was supposed to save it. Scared to touch the thing, I didn’t know what to do. I said, “Honey, it will be fine. You saved it. Just put it over there in the grass, so that it can dry out and dig back into the dirt.” I felt better.

He then did something I will NEVER forget. He kissed the worm. I cringed, as any mom might have done. “Ahh!!” I thought. “Who could kiss a slimy thing like that?” Visions of the book I read in grade school, How to Eat Fried Worms, came flooding into my head. But in that instant, he was an angel, sent to save and to love one little unlovable worm.

Isn’t that what Jesus does for us. We are drowning and he reaches down and saves us. Before putting us back onto safe soil, He kisses us. We are slimy and unlovable in many people’s eyes, but this doesn’t matter to Jesus. He kisses all the more tenderly.

I watched as Tanner pulled his hand away from his mouth. A look of horror crossed his brow. He turned his hand back and forth, like he was looking for something. What was he looking for? “Ahh! The worm. Where was the worm?” took a step closer to him. In that second he realized that the worm had stuck on his lips. I about collapsed. Tanner calmly started spitting. Out came the worm.

He tenderly picked it up and placed it on the grass, underneath the overhang of the tree. I don’t know if that worm lived to tell his tale. If he did, he must have felt loved.

I hugged my little angel and we went inside to brush his teeth.

I am blessed to be the mom of such a wonderful boy, of two wonderful boys.



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