Living With Eeyore- TV trash talk


Three feet of snow and bracing ourselves for another 12-18 inches this weekend. Crazy winter! All in a two week time period.

Charlie is pouting because no one will help him shovel. Well it is his own fault that he has been nothing but a miserable individual. No one wants to be around that.

I am feeling like I don’t want to watch TV with him anymore too, and this has been one of the fun things we’ve enjoyed in the past. (Able to let go of our fights and stresses, forget it all and cuddle on the couch, getting lost into other people’s worlds.) Well he is complaining about everything…

Blonde girl on program (she looks and acts intelligent, not the funny bimbo type) – she make a wrong decision in the program and Charlie says, “Blondes are so dumb.” Hello, I am blonde. How am I supposed to take that? If I say anything, he starts to fight. So why bother. I ignore him.

Girl on Bachelor has a panic attack. She is on the ground and they’ve called the EMTs. Charlie says, “Stupid girl. She is a freak.” Hello, I’ve had three panic attacks in front of him in the 18 years that we’ve been married. What does that say about me?

Mother killed on train track. Oh my heart goes out to those three kids at home. Charlie says, “She got what she deserved. Dumb woman, should have gotten out of the car.”

I want to scream! Women are not dumb! We are not stupid, even when we make mistakes. We are allowed to be who we are, not have to tip toe around trying not to offend someone with our presence. Why is he allowed to voice his hurtful opinions? And why do I have to sit there and take them? I don’t want to stop watching TV with him, because it is one of the only FUN things that we have left.

Maybe I am stupid because of that. (I know that I am not. Just had to say it though.)

Thanks for listening!



5 thoughts on “Living With Eeyore- TV trash talk

  1. My heart goes out to you. I have lived through this too. I had to give myself some space and do something healthy for me. Disrespect is such a downer. I had to imagine s mirror around me and anything my ex said bounced off of me and back to him. Praying for peace for you, Diana

  2. Maybe he doesn’t even realize what he is doing? Iron sharpens Iron…there’s nothing wrong with telling him all the examples of stupid decisions guys make and that he’s upsetting you. Being judgmental is kind of a red flag that he needs to feel better about himself for some reason or another…but who knows I’m on super high alert with guys. My husband used to say all this crap about the french…and I am mostly french…I finally said “You know you are so prideful about being Italian that I hate Italians (not being serious but trying to make a point) I’m tired of you saying that you hate french people because I AM! I’ve started to stake my boundaries and say what I’m not going to put up with and I see a whole lot more respect from him…he’s stopped the french put downs.

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