Exhaling Similes

This is how I feel about writing. It describes it aptly. Thank you Etching Imagination for explaining how important it is to write. Meghan

Sammie Adams

Asking me why I write is like asking why I breathe
Life and imagination consistently interweave
While my lungs still function and my eyes still see
I will still write, for all of eternity
Writing is the oxygen to my wondering brain
Its the plaster to my grazes, the pill to my pain
I breathe in words, exhaling smilies
I need words, like leaves need the trees

The paper is my canvas and the ink is my paint
Scribing paintings with my pen without any constraints
I cant paint a picture with oil based hues
But give me a pen (cos its only then) that I’ll weave scenes for you to peruse

Without my imagination and the words within my mind
I would be without my heartbeat, as the two are intertwined
Ask me why I write, its the husband to a wife
For writing dwells inside me, For writing…

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