Finding Kisses From Heaven- February 9


My blessing right now is that my husband is sleeping and I can get on the computer to write. I had a good lunch.

The snow is still falling. It is almost as high as my front fence. Crazy. Didn’t have to work today, so I am happy.

Last night was discouraging though. Charlie broke two special things, by accident, but didn’t express any sorrow for doing so. He only said, “They shouldn’t have been put there.” He knows that they are important, but won’t say sorry, or feel bad for breaking something that is loved.

I spoke up and told him that I was hurt that he didn’t care about my feelings. He replied, “It was an accident.” He told me that I cared more about those things than if he had been hurt. I said, “The first thing I said was, are you ok? You didn’t answer me, so I asked you two more times. You answered me that you were FINE. I asked you first, before caring about my stuff.” He told me that I hadn’t done that. How did he not hear me? I said it three times and he even answered me.

The rest of the evening he ignored me and slept on the couch. This morning he is distant and still hasn’t shown any compassion. I have tried being nice to him, kissed him good night last night when I went to bed. I am not being sicky sweet though, because I am still mad that he doesn’t care. Doesn’t mean that I have to treat him badly, like he is treating me.

Why is it ok that he is mad at me, for breaking something of mine? I should be the one mad at him.

I always try to take the high road. I want to act like Jesus would have me act. And it is just stuff after all.

Thanks for listening.

Ps. Does any one know of an abuse support group near San Diego California? A friend of mine is needing one and I don’t know that area of the country. Thanks



3 thoughts on “Finding Kisses From Heaven- February 9

  1. Ahh so frustrating! I know that sometimes if I do something I know has hurt or upset someone I can act distant and frustrated. Maybe he is feeling guilty? I’m not excusing his actions, but I know I can react pretty badly when I know I have done something wrong, praying for you.

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