Finding Kisses From Heaven- February 11


Today is Charlie’s Birthday. Usually that means he is depressed. His Birthday coupled with Valentines Day is usually the worst time of year for me. Many of the last 14 years of marriage he has started a fight, or told me that he was leaving me. I don’t know what these special days do to him, but he is a mess usually. I have gotten used to it now. It still hurts, but I know that he is the miserable one, not me.

This year has been a better one, as his depression goes. He had a good Birthday and Valentines Day last year so, I am crossing my fingers hoping for a good day. He is off to work and so far, so good.

We are going out to a really nice restaurant for supper. Can’t wait for that!

Holding out for blessings today. Will let you know what happens tomorrow.


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