Finding Kisses From Heaven- February 12


Well I made it through another one of my husband’s Birthdays. I only suffered one put down, one curse word and one, “That is all you got me?” comment. (Doesn’t take into consideration buying groceries for his parents to have them make him a Birthday feast on Sunday, nor the money that we spent going out to a nice restaurant last night. Oh well.)

So I am now anticipating Valentine’s Day. I hear we are going to be snowed in again, with another foot of snow on the way. Maybe shooting for 5 feet of snow total. Most of my belonging out there are being swallowed up.

I am blessed to be warm and safe inside. I am blessed to have a mother and sister who love me. Both visited me yesterday and wished Charlie a Happy Birthday and hoped that we would have a wonderful Valentine’s Day. I love them, they are so great.

Hope you are warm and safe today. I am counting you my Valentine Blessings this year. Thanks for being there.


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