Just Write!

just write

Writing. What is it? Am I a writer? I spent sometime this morning thinking about this. I visited the post of a full time, paid-to-write writer and felt like I didn’t measure up. Is what I am doing writing? Or am I only expressing? Am I a writer if I haven’t published anything, or been paid to do it?

I’ve known people who have said that they are authors just because they have written a book. Their book isn’t published yet, but they believe that because they have created something amazing, that they should be considered authors. Should I call myself an author then? I’ve written four books. I don’t know. I don’t feel qualified.

I’ve had people tell me that they are published authors, and then I find out that they’ve self-published their own books. If I choose to self-publish, does that mean I can say I am a published author? I wonder why this all matters to me? I so wish that I would be wanted by a traditional publisher. This is why I keep trying to send my books out. I don’t know why this is the only avenue that feels real to me; that the other ways are just not good enough.

I am honored that other writers are interested in what little ole me has to say through my blog. I am amazed. I wish that I had the skills to write full time. Sitting in a private library, or coffee house and creating, sounds fairy-tale-ish to me. Thinking about being able to get paid for something that excites me, is a distant reality for my present life.

I do want to encourage others to write though.  Everyone wants to feel that they belong. Everyone has a story to tell. Everyone wants to matter. Ask people that you come in contact with, what their story is. Then tell them that they should write it. It doesn’t matter if they are talented or not. Tell them that everyone should write out their stories. It is their legacy. It will teach them so much about their own lives. If they feel that they should share it, then encourage them to do just that. You are to be their dream weaver.

Writing is air to a tired soul. It is your job, not only, to breath for yourself, but to show others how to stay alive.



3 thoughts on “Just Write!

  1. I love writing, but would never think of myself as a writer, but then, what does constitute a writer. With four books published, I would think of you as an author, albeit a P/T one… and I do enjoy your posts!

  2. I write too because it’s my way of expressing what is in my heart, head and soul. I love your writing, Meghan – you have real talent and I think deserve to call yourself very sensitive author xxx P.S. Sorry I have got behind with reading your posts which I do look forward to – your personality really comes across in your writing and I love the way you write so honestly and sincerely xxx 🙂

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