Thanks for being my tax break.


I had to take a break. I have been hunched over numbers, doing my taxes for three days now – total work time 23 hours. I don’t like owning my own business. My back hurts, my neck hurts, my eyes hurt and I can’t wait for this project to end.

Charlie says, “How is it so hard?” It is just adding numbers and you haven’t had to go to work. You are just sitting around at home.”

Oh he infuriates me. When he is sore, or tired (which is most of the time), I treat him sweetly and rub his shoulders. He has a hard, physical job that takes him into the elements. I notice this and when he is worn out I try to help him. When I am beat, and sore from bending over piles of papers, I get nothing; no backrub, no words of sympathy, no encouragement.

Staring at the numbers, my mind is slowly going insane. How much toilet paper did we buy? How did they make it before toilet paper was invented? Could we go back to that and save some money next year? This is crazy- if we didn’t eat, drive and pay for a house, I would be rich right now. Instead, my ceiling is leaking and I have a pile of dishes and dirty clothes to clean when I am done with this tax marathon.

Well, it’s time to hold my head up high and get back to the numbers. Hopefully I will be done today. Then maybe I’ll go buy myself a treat- toilet paper.

Thanks for listening!



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