The Man on the Motorcycle


Another traumatic story from my past- I was young, too young to know that people can die if they drive too fast. My family had spent the day at a family member’s camp on a lake. It was late and we were pleasantly tired from the days festivities.

A young guy on a motorcycle sped around us, and took off down the winding country road. My mother said, “That guy is going to kill himself.” Little did I know that her words would have predictive power. Around a couple of bends we came upon his smashed bike and lifeless body.

My mom and dad yelled at me to stay in the car. Since we were the first on the scene, they both jumped out of the car to go help.  My heart beat so fast. I couldn’t help but wonder, is he dead? I sat up on the rolled down roof of my mother’s convertible Firebird. I could see that he had lost body parts. My mother later would be searching the darkened forest for them.

I felt dizzy. I wished that I had never stood up to look. I sat back down in the car and wondered if my mother’s words had caused the accident. I was young remember? This is the way my brain worked. Suddenly I was afraid that my mother’s words had the power to do incredible things. I never wanted to be on the receiving end of such a prediction.

I’ve grown up now and know that my mom doesn’t have magical powers. If she did, she would have used them to bring that man back to life. I know that life is precious and should never be taken for granted. I live near the scene of that accident and ride down that road many times. I tell my children the story. I want them to always drive safely and never be a hotshot.

I’ve used the bad for good. I still get PTSD when it comes to motorcycles that wiz by me. One of my best friends died on their Harley a couple of years ago, and they were one of the best drivers I knew. I know the fun of bikes, and I know the danger. I just hope that those that decide to ride, ride smartly. And don’t ride fast, it freaks me out.



2 thoughts on “The Man on the Motorcycle

  1. As soon as I read what your mother said, I immediately wondered if you – as a child – might think she has certain powers. These things never leave us. Motorbikes are a little scary

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