Be-YOU-tiful YOU!

Be You tiful

You be the very best YOU that you can be, and wear it proudly!

You are different from every other person on this planet for a reason.

There is no one else who can be YOU, or fill your role.

So just be YOU!

You have been made with faults so that people see you, for who you really are, not who you pretend to be.

Enjoy your failures. They define you.

You have been made with shortcomings, so that you will learn to lean on one another.

Let your weaknesses create community.

You were made with pain, so that you can see the hurting in the world.

Reach out. Listen and love the people around you.

You have been made to endure hardship, for it grows compassion and understanding.

Your tears have enlarged your heart.

You have been taught, so that you may teach.

You have been given courage, to show the way.

You are not alone in your struggles.

Your wounds have not been wasted.

There is an abundance of life that springs forth from the ashes of a fire.

You too, can blossom after the storms that may hit.

You are a gift!

Give of yourself, because people need YOU, just the way you are.

Be-YOU -tiful! YOU!

And proud of it!

5 thoughts on “Be-YOU-tiful YOU!

  1. I agree 🙂 Life is to short to waste in depression and self loath. It is a beautiful world and you , me and everyone needs to be a part of it to complete its loveliness 🙂

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