I am mad today and just want to complain…

First I have a huge pile of dishes to wash…got no help last night. He was too tired. He washed his one dish that he ate off though. Big Help!

Then my husband left his dirty clothes all over the floor this morning and I had to pick them up before I started work. He complained that he couldn’t find his hat. I don’t know where it is. I am not his hat keeper.

Then, my husband cleaned my car…I know this one sounds good, but…he has been driving it, ever since his truck doesn’t work well. He has trashed my car with junk and mud… well the only reason he cleaned it is that we have to go take it to get the oil changed. He is embarrassed. I wish that he just would have done it because he loved me and felt bad that he did it to my car. Sigh. At least he cleaned it.

Then he came home last night and proclaimed that he made a bet with a coworker for 50 bucks that he could lose 25 pounds. One, I don’t like bets. Two we don’t have 50 bucks to throw away. Three he never sticks to what he does. Four, he never listens to me about dieting. He came home and told me that he was just going to stop eating. This never works. After the long talk (again) about how to live healthy, he said, “Ok no bread, or pasta, or milk products then.” Sure, now what will he eat? I asked him. He said, “I don’t know, you figure it out.” Now it is my job to make sure that he eats healthy and loses the weight so that we save our money. I don’t think so! I can’t tell him that I am mad at him and tell him that I don’t think that he can do it. I don’t want to be to blame for his not following through. But he has to do it himself! I am not his prison guard.

Last, I told him last night something that I’ve told him countless times before. It is even on the calendar. He had no clue that I had said a thing. I repeated myself saying that I was tired of telling him over and over…and he got mad at me.

That’s it for now! I feel a little better, just getting it out.

Thanks for listening.


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