Confident Expectation of Good!

I am bogged down with the busy life right now. The only thing that keeps me going is hope. That expectation, and waiting on the Lord is all I have. I am excited that things will be different one day…till then I hold on. Meghan


821a8662In life we can find that we lose our enthusiasm. We can press through with our obligations and responsibilities but we often find that we need to medicate ourselves in the process. We turn to mindless entertainment, junk food, emotional drama, abuse of alcohol or mind altering substances.

We were not made to muddle through, we were made to flourish in life. God created us to bear His image. He shaped and fashioned us for our unique purpose. He marked us with our own DNA and intricately designed our fingerprints. He placed us in our time and location for His purposes that only we can fulfill on the planet.

Even when we lost our way, God never gave up on us. He started the redemptive process when we were still far away. God’s desperate love for us came to earth in the flesh, in the man Jesus Christ. Jesus embraced…

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