I have been waiting and waiting for a traditional publisher to pick up my book. I am now beginning to believe that it will not happen. I have been contacted by several publishers that will publish if I pay part of the cost. One of the things they are looking for is for me to have my manuscript professionally edited. This can get costly.

I am reaching out to my network of friends to see if any of you have any ideas to help me. I would like a good, but cheap way to edit my books. I know that CreateSpace is an option that many have used. I do not have a credit card that I use on my computer, so I am not sure that I can use this option, I don’t know that they’d take a check.

I just keep hoping that some traditional publishing company will sweep my book up and do everything for me. I try hard not to take it personally. I long to be wanted. I desire to be useful to others.

So many hurdles, maybe I should just say that it is God’s way of telling me not to publish…I don’t know.

Your thoughts would be appreciated.



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  1. I can only speak from my own experience. It took me five manuscripts in 18 years before my fifth manuscript was accepted by my publisher last year. My debut romance book was just released two days ago. If you’re serious about writing, don’t give up!

  2. My advice is to NEVER make a deal with someone who wants YOU to pay for the book YOU have written. You’ve giving them the book you’ve worked hard on; they should pay YOU.
    Have you contacted agents? Find a trusted agent (one who does not charge you, not until you’ve sold anything) to see what they think of what you’ve written.

  3. Meghan, I’m not sure if you are interested but you can always try self publishing with Amazon Kindle. I lost the link right now but I’m sure you’ll find it pretty easily 🙂
    Don’t get discourage! 🙂

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