Embracing Failure


I want to learn. I want to grow.

I don’t want to expect that I will get to the end of the tunnel and find happiness, because maybe it won’t be there. In my exhaustion I continue to focus on hope, wishing that it would bring me a better future. Yet, do I see the beauty around and within me right here?

I work so hard to accomplish my goals. Hard work and talent can get you far, but unfortunately don’t always mean that you will be a success. I don’t want to hope for something better eventually. I want to enjoy the now.

I want to embrace my failures as steps toward my goal, not as something that defines who I am and tells me whether or not that I am smart. I want to be good enough, as is.

I want to desire a life of learning and growth, over a life of success and validation. One stretches you to places unimaginable, the other places you on a pedestal expecting others to worship you and prove that you are worthy. I am special even in making mistakes. My shortcomings open up the doors of opportunity for me. It is my choice whether or not I accept the adventure that they offer.

Let me raise my hands when I don’t know the answers. Help me to ask for help. Encourage me to try, and try and try. Then congratulate me when I fall, for this means that I can get up and try again.

The goal is not the end of the tunnel, but the laughter and love that you experience during your journey.

Enjoy the trip! Whether you literally do or not.


One thought on “Embracing Failure

  1. Great post! Yes I am with you on this one. I am at a similar place; trying to love me for just me minus the achievements grades etc etc. Finding my self worth in my intrisuc value and the humanity I was born with. I tried for so long to prove my worth.

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